Are you planning to sell?

This is how we do better, get you more and offer wayyy more value!

Our focus when we work together is...

1. Treat you like family, yes we really do. We take this mindset because it helps us to shape our guidance as if we were helping our own family. Everyone wins when we do this.

2. Our marketing and organizational systems are unique, handcrafted, extensive, and unmatched. With these we end up getting higher sale prices, please see some statistics below.

Average list price to sold price % for sold homes:
All REALTORS® combined 97.5%
Ben Sweet | Justin Becker & Associates 99.9%
These statistics show we sell homes for much more.

How much more do we sell homes for?
For example on a $500k home, they sell for $487,500, we sell for $499,500.
A difference of $12,000, would you like an extra $12,000 when you sell?

Average days on market, time required to sell:
All other REALTORS® combined 59 days on market to get a home sold.
Ben Sweet | Justin Becker & Associates 19 days on market to get our homes sold.
We sell homes much faster, in about 1/3 the time.

The statistics show we sell homes for more and faster than all other agents combined. Why would you choose anyone else?
83.3% of our listings sold in 30 days.

We reduce stress, hassles and difficulties by anticipating your needs and fulfilling before we are asked (as often as possible). We will never sugar coat anything.

38.9% sold at or above list price.
The statistics show we sell homes for more and faster than all other agents combined.

When selling you need as many eyeballs on your home as possible, we do extensive social media marketing, and we do not rely solely on the Calgary Real Estate Board's MLS® System to get our clients homes sold.

For every home we put up for sale:

We truly want to find the right buyer for that property so we can ensure a smooth sale, and maximize the sale price for you. We have no interest in only "listing it" for sale, that is a waste of time, effort and money for everyone. Here is a small part of what we include on every listing at no extra charge to you whatsoever.

  • 1. Staging consult, to ensure the property shows perfectly.
  • 2. Measurements, to remove liability for both you and us, and to ensure we are presenting the property correctly.
  • 3. Full hd photos, so that buyers can really fall in love with it, and write offers sooner.
  • 4. Video tour, to showcase the home and increase the probability of buyers from other areas.
  • 5. Paid social media ads, to expand reach and increase eye balls and showings
  • 6. Extensive website proliferation. Your home will end up on many thousands of websites with our elite marketing campaign.
  • 7. Buyer lead generation for your property, so we can capture buyers names and follow up and stay in touch with them.
  • 8. Multiple marketing and status updates per week, so you will always be in the know :)

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